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News and information from the world of Thermix® and Ensinger

Here we have provided a breakdown of the latest news about our products and our company, also the key trade fair and event dates for the coming months. Why not take the time to find out more – it will be worth your while.

Press releases
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02.07.2018, Greater flexibility with Flex 20

The Flex 20 pallet makes things tidy and easy to see, particularly with smaller Thermix batch sizes
The individual boxes can be left in the pallet and removed individually if required.

For customers who are also keen to keep rarely used sizes and colours of spacers in stock or, in general, order smaller batch sizes, Ensinger is offering the space-saving packing concept Flex 20.

Flex 20 is a wooden pallet filled with 20 boxes containing Thermix spacers or muntin bar profiles of different sizes. Since, unlike the steel stillages, it does not need to be returned, the boxes can be simply left in the wooden frame. In this way, different sizes and colours can be stored on a pallet in such a way that they are easy to see. Depending on requirements, you can remove precisely the size and colour that you happen to need at the time. Thanks to a label on the front of each box, you can always maintain a clear overview.

You thereby retain full flexibility in your production without tying up huge storage capacities.

Dimensions of the wooden pallet:

- Approx. 0.72 m wide x 0.75 m high x 6.25 m long

- Empty weight 130 kg

Filling quantities per box:

Data sheet Flex20 for Thermix TX Pro

Data sheet Flex20 for Thermix muntin bar

Do you require more detailed information on Flex 20? Your personal Thermix contact will be pleased to assist you with further information.

29.06.2018, New ordering address for Thermix

We are constantly working to make our workflows even better. To improve our service, we are introducing a single e-mail address for Thermix orders from July onwards. By this means we want to ensure that all orders arrive exactly where they are supposed to and hence can be registered and processed even faster. You, as a customer, can continue to be confident that in all cases your order will be received and processed without any loss of time.

In the future please therefore send all Thermix orders to the address

21.06.2018, Inside to outside: Sarah Scheurenbrand

Is responsible for France, Spain and Portugal: Export Sales Manager Sarah Scheurenbrand

Sarah Scheurenbrand is switching from office-based sales to Thermix field sales. Since last summer she has gradually been taking responsibility for more tasks in the capacity of Export Sales Manager. In the process she is staying loyal to her previous customer base. This is because, as was already the case in the back office, Sarah continues to be responsible for the countries France, Spain and Portugal.

For the moment, being the SAP key user in office-based sales, she cannot quite be spared. However, the aim of the business economics graduate (BA) is to concentrate solely on her new task soon. “I see the fact that I am already bringing a lot of experience from office-based sales to the role as a major advantage”, says Sarah. “For example, I also know the “other side”, i.e. logistics, production, controlling and planning, very well. This knowledge helps me to understand customer processes and offer creative solutions.” Her customers & colleagues value the 29-year-old’s open and friendly manner as well as her considerable language skills. Sarah speaks English, French and Spanish fluently and is currently learning Italian.

The new remit will allow the globetrotter to combine her passion for travelling and love of people with her career. She likes to spend her free time outdoors, ideally in the form of sport. And Sarah has recently rediscovered another hobby: after a fairly long break in things musical, she is playing the violin in an orchestra.

You can contact Sarah Scheurenbrand on + 49 751 35 45 214 or by e-mailing

01.06.2018, Save the date: Let’s go to Düsseldorf

Our preparations are gradually approaching the critical stage.  The leading global trade fair taking place in October is getting ever closer, and there is no pressing ‘pause’. At glasstec, approximately 1,235 exhibitors from 52 countries will be providing a unique overview of the industry, from production through processing and finishing to new products and their application.

It goes without saying that Ensinger will be there too – with innovations relating to Thermix Warm Edge spacers. So be sure to also plan a visit to us in Hall 15, Stand G21. In the next few weeks you will be receiving your personal invitation from us. We are already looking forward to seeing you there!


To the official glasstec trailer

To the glasstec supporting programme

18.06.2018, Further building project at the Cham site

Ensinger is about to make a further investment at the Cham site. The plastics processor is planning to extend a production and logistics building that was put into operation ten years ago. These new building plans are the second construction project in the branch factory. A few weeks ago, Ensinger already began the construction of a hall which, in the future, will house the compounding lines and parts of the logistics facilities.

The costs for the new buildings and all the infrastructure measures will amount to around 40 million euros in total. “All the divisions at the Cham plant will benefit from these investments, as will the corporate group. By expanding production capacities, Ensinger is creating the right conditions for long-term growth at the site”, says Andreas Alsfasser, pleased; as Technical Director at Ensinger, he is coordinating the construction projects.

In Cham, Ensinger manufacturers machined prefabricated components, stock shapes from cast polyamide, insulbar insulating profiles for windows, doors and façades and also Thermix spacers for insulating glass.

To full press release

12.03.2018, 25 years of Thermix warm edge

What started off as a purely niche area is now indispensable in windows: the warm edge. Until the 1990s, spacers made of aluminium were predominantly used for insulated glazing. 1993 marked the birth of Thermix GmbH, the first manufacturer of hybrid spacers made of plastic and steel and thus one of the first alternatives to metal spacers.

At that time, there was virtually no demand for warm edges. If there was any at all, it was only for passive house windows, but these were a playground for very few idealists at the time. However, company founder Wilfried Ensinger saw the potential for much more in the Thermix spacers that were produced at Ensinger right from the start. Initially, plastics specialist Ensinger participated in Thermix GmbH before taking over the company completely in August 1997.

The introduction of Germany’s Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) in 2002 gave the thermally optimised spacers a significant boost because since then, the thermal properties of spacers have had to be taken into account in the calculations as part of the verification process of the EnEV.

Over the last 25 years, Ensinger has continuously been further developing the Thermix spacers and adapting them to increasing requirements for energy-efficient windows. We will carry on doing this in the future, too. You can continue to rely on innovations and further developments related to the warm edge.

02.03.2018, Meet Thermix: Klaus Esser

Loyal to Thermix since 2005: Sales Manager Klaus Esser

Klaus Esser has been assisting and advising Thermix customers for 13 years. As Sales Manager he is responsible for sales covering a large region: Northern Germany, the Benelux states, Scandinavia and the Baltics all lie within his area of responsibility. Above all, his customers appreciate his reliable, honest and humorous manner.

Esser looks back over his many years of experience in sales. Even before he joined Ensinger in 2005, the 46 year-old already had many years of experience in sales of windows and industrial doors. He is a man of conviction: "I find sales fascinating, even and especially in a fiercely competitive market such as that for warm edge spacers. Successes carry more weight as a result," says Esser. "I also enjoy having contact with other people and the travel opportunities that come with my job."

Permanently on the road during the week, the father of two (12 & 9) enjoys spending time with his family on weekends. Alongside joint activities he also enjoys his motor boat and sailing.

Klaus Esser is always willing to listen. You can contact him by telephone on +49 151 19 54 03 31 or by e-mail at

04.12.2017, Sales Under New Management

New Thermix Sales Director: Rolf Friedrich Buhl

Rolf Friedrich Buhl has been managing the sales of Thermix since 1st November 2017. Ensinger is delighted to have gained such an experienced and successful individual who is committed to sales. With his professional career, Buhl has precisely the right experience to promote Thermix even further on a global scale, having consistently worked in leading positions in international sales and business development. His professional activities have taken him all over the world. He has worked as a mechanical engineer in South Africa and in the United Arab Emirates, among other places. However, he left his heart in Asia: he spent the last ten years living and working in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The 54 year old is initially pursuing his objective of promoting Thermix shares in a globally expanding market by visiting customers. Alongside getting to know them, he wants to understand their needs and concerns so he can plan the way forward accordingly. "Honesty, fairness and reliability take absolute priority, both when working with customers and with my team," emphasises Buhl. "In spite of everyday stress, you have to enjoy work as well. After all, a motivated and enthusiastic team is crucial for building and intensifying customer relationships."

With his new office at Thermix in Ravensburg, this well-travelled manager is returning to his roots in the Lake Constance region. Born and raised in Friedrichshafen, directly on the shore of the lake and on the edge of the Alps, water and mountains are key elements of his hobbies: windsurfing and paragliding. However, during European winters, these are quite literally put on ice.

You can contact Mr. Buhl on +49 751 354 52 16 or by e-mail at

29.11.2017, RAL Quality Mark for Thermix

Products with the RAL quality mark meet the highest quality requirements. They assure planners and builders that they have purchased a durable and high quality product. A product that has been put through its paces. The quality mark gives consumers an unmistakeable, easily identifiable measure of quality, offering them security and protecting them in the long term from any unpleasant surprises.

The German Multi-Pane Insulating Glass Quality Association monitors and guarantees insulated glass with the RAL quality mark. Manufacturers who want to label their insulated glass accordingly have to comply with the quality and inspection regulations of the Multi-Pane Insulating Glass Quality Association.

The RAL-GZ 520 quality and inspection regulations from May 2016 introduced both in-house and external monitoring of the components of insulated glazing, i.e. also for warm edge spacers. Insulated glass bearing the RAL quality mark may only contain such quality-controlled components.

Thermix spacers are among these monitored components that are allowed to be installed in RAL-marked insulated glass. In practice, this means that spacer samples have to be taken directly from the insulated glass manufacturer and tested by an independent institute. The German State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt (MPA) is the appointed independent test institute.

With Thermix, you can therefore rely on consistently high quality. That’s why we offer excellent warranties for our products. Find out for yourself.

02.11.2017, Ensinger Foundation: Helping People Help Themselves in Nigeria

Graduated students of the Ensinger-supported school in Nimo, Nigeria.
The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has a mission to provide long-term support for social, scientific and cultural projects.

The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has been supporting a school project in the village of Nimo in Nigeria for the past 20 years. With its help, a primary school was initially built that is now attended by 525 children. In addition to buying medical devices, the foundation has also helped finance a drinking-water well and the construction of a secondary school. The "Viktor Frankl New Dimension Secondary School" was ceremoniously opened in 2011. This summer, the oldest students had the opportunity to take their final examinations for the first time. 31 school leavers can now obtain the university entrance qualification in accordance with the West African WAEC standard.

Successful Model for Education

The two well-equipped schools have turned into a successful model, not least thanks to highly committed and qualified teachers. Several students have already won trophies in competitions for speaking, maths and writing essays. Those students who do not want to go to university can also obtain a vocational qualification at the secondary school.

Long-Term Promotion of Children and Adolescents

The commitment of Wilfried and Martha Ensinger for the Ensinger family business that they founded has always accompanied support for people in Germany and overseas. The married couple started the first relief projects in Brazil back in the 1970s. Numerous activities were added after the Wilfried Ensinger Foundation was founded in 1997. Most of the projects, including the construction of schools in developing countries and the promotion of cultural programs and educational institutions in Germany, have been supported over many years and benefit children and adolescents in particular.

Additional funding priorities and projects of the Foundation:

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