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04.12.2017, Sales Under New Management

New Thermix Sales Director: Rolf Friedrich Buhl

Rolf Friedrich Buhl has been managing the sales of Thermix since 1st November 2017. Ensinger is delighted to have gained such an experienced and successful individual who is committed to sales. With his professional career, Buhl has precisely the right experience to promote Thermix even further on a global scale, having consistently worked in leading positions in international sales and business development. His professional activities have taken him all over the world. He has worked as a mechanical engineer in South Africa and in the United Arab Emirates, among other places. However, he left his heart in Asia: he spent the last ten years living and working in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The 54 year old is initially pursuing his objective of promoting Thermix shares in a globally expanding market by visiting customers. Alongside getting to know them, he wants to understand their needs and concerns so he can plan the way forward accordingly. "Honesty, fairness and reliability take absolute priority, both when working with customers and with my team," emphasises Buhl. "In spite of everyday stress, you have to enjoy work as well. After all, a motivated and enthusiastic team is crucial for building and intensifying customer relationships."

With his new office at Thermix in Ravensburg, this well-travelled manager is returning to his roots in the Lake Constance region. Born and raised in Friedrichshafen, directly on the shore of the lake and on the edge of the Alps, water and mountains are key elements of his hobbies: windsurfing and paragliding. However, during European winters, these are quite literally put on ice.

You can contact Mr. Buhl on +49 751 354 52 16 or by e-mail at

29.11.2017, RAL Quality Mark for Thermix

Products with the RAL quality mark meet the highest quality requirements. They assure planners and builders that they have purchased a durable and high quality product. A product that has been put through its paces. The quality mark gives consumers an unmistakeable, easily identifiable measure of quality, offering them security and protecting them in the long term from any unpleasant surprises.

The German Multi-Pane Insulating Glass Quality Association monitors and guarantees insulated glass with the RAL quality mark. Manufacturers who want to label their insulated glass accordingly have to comply with the quality and inspection regulations of the Multi-Pane Insulating Glass Quality Association.

The RAL-GZ 520 quality and inspection regulations from May 2016 introduced both in-house and external monitoring of the components of insulated glazing, i.e. also for warm edge spacers. Insulated glass bearing the RAL quality mark may only contain such quality-controlled components.

Thermix spacers are among these monitored components that are allowed to be installed in RAL-marked insulated glass. In practice, this means that spacer samples have to be taken directly from the insulated glass manufacturer and tested by an independent institute. The German State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt (MPA) is the appointed independent test institute.

With Thermix, you can therefore rely on consistently high quality. That’s why we offer excellent warranties for our products. Find out for yourself.

02.11.2017, Ensinger Foundation: Helping People Help Themselves in Nigeria

Graduated students of the Ensinger-supported school in Nimo, Nigeria.
The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has a mission to provide long-term support for social, scientific and cultural projects.

The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has been supporting a school project in the village of Nimo in Nigeria for the past 20 years. With its help, a primary school was initially built that is now attended by 525 children. In addition to buying medical devices, the foundation has also helped finance a drinking-water well and the construction of a secondary school. The "Viktor Frankl New Dimension Secondary School" was ceremoniously opened in 2011. This summer, the oldest students had the opportunity to take their final examinations for the first time. 31 school leavers can now obtain the university entrance qualification in accordance with the West African WAEC standard.

Successful Model for Education

The two well-equipped schools have turned into a successful model, not least thanks to highly committed and qualified teachers. Several students have already won trophies in competitions for speaking, maths and writing essays. Those students who do not want to go to university can also obtain a vocational qualification at the secondary school.

Long-Term Promotion of Children and Adolescents

The commitment of Wilfried and Martha Ensinger for the Ensinger family business that they founded has always accompanied support for people in Germany and overseas. The married couple started the first relief projects in Brazil back in the 1970s. Numerous activities were added after the Wilfried Ensinger Foundation was founded in 1997. Most of the projects, including the construction of schools in developing countries and the promotion of cultural programs and educational institutions in Germany, have been supported over many years and benefit children and adolescents in particular.

Additional funding priorities and projects of the Foundation:

25.11.2016, Thermix inside: The warm edge for Canada

Thermix inside: University Hospital Research Centre, Montréal, Canada

Prelco Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of glass products with a wide range of articles in the commercial glass, industry and transport sectors. In Prelco's insulating glass it is Thermix spacers that provide the warm edge. A few years ago now the company, which is headquartered in Montreal, decided to refine its products across the board in the form of an improved spacer. Thanks to its impressive performance values, a decision was made in favour of Thermix. Since then, under the brand R-MaxTM, it is an integral part of Prelco insulating glass units and consequently in the relevant information pack for architects. This makes the R-MaxTM, aka the Thermix spacer, the preferred Warm Edge spacer on the Canadian market today. Some impressive references provide proof of the cooperation between Ensinger and Prelco, which is greatly valued by both parties.

Ensinger GmbH

Ensinger GmbH

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