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Here we have provided a breakdown of the latest news about our products and our company, also the key trade fair and event dates for the coming months. Why not take the time to find out more – it will be worth your while.

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22.09.2017, Proven quality

Since the beginning of the year, the new Thermix TX Pro has been gradually replacing the predecessor products of the TX.N series. The most popular sizes 12, 14 and 16 have already been replaced, with 18 and 20 mm due to follow over the course of this month. By the end of the year, the complete range will have been replaced.

What's important for you to know is that you can rely on the same thoroughly tested and certified quality with the Thermix TX Pro. According to an expert report from the ift Rosenheim, for instance, the new spacer can be used in the same sealant combinations as its predecessor in insulated glazing units compliant to EN 1279. This means that there is no need for you to carry out any additional testing when converting to the new products.

The data sheets “Psi values for windows” and “Psi values for façade profiles” from the German Federal Flat Glass Association (BF) testify to the thermal efficiency of the Thermix TX Pro. It is also registered on the basis of the DTA (Document Technique d‘Application / avis technique) as a suitable component for the manufacture of CEKAL certified insulating glass. 

In addition, the Thermix TX Pro is verified as suitable for use in passive houses, as accredited by the Passive House Institute Certificate.

Do you need a specific test report or a certificate? We will be pleased to provide you with the relevant document. Please enquire directly with your usual Thermix contact.

Product data sheets


15.08.2017, Thermix introduces itself: Christian Helfert

Attaches particular importance to a relationship with customers based on mutual trust: Christian Helfert, Thermix Sales

It’s appreciated by his customers, and certainly by us as his colleagues: Christian Helfert is all about forming meaningful relationships. He has been in charge of Thermix Sales for nine years with responsibility for the German speaking countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A committed sales team member, he considers his role to be to provide support to customers in technical and commercial matters, but on the human level too. He aims to engender a basis of trust from which to serve his customers with outstanding products, helping them move forward, offering problem solutions and so building a solid, long-term relationship.

Christian looks back on an interesting and varied career. After high school and completing a degree in geology, he decided to additionally train as a master painter and decorator. Before joining Ensinger, he was already working as a sales representative and in the sales department of another company. He also studied part-time to gain a masters degree in sales management.

Perhaps these different facets are what make talking to him such an interesting experience. The 49-year-old isn't one for small talk, conversations with him quickly go to a deeper, more philosophical level. “The discrepancy between human possibilities and the bare reality we face on a daily basis concern me,” admits Christian. “As humans, we sometimes block our own way forward.”

A father of two daughters (11 years + 11 months), Christian lives with his family in Bavaria in Southern Germany. He enjoys balancing his professional life with competitive sporting activity in the form of Historical European Martial Arts and ju-jitsu, as well as pursuing his interest in astronomy, geology and archaeology.

27.07.2017, Perfectly insulated and earthquake proof in Chile

Picture: © BBR/Christian Hagemann, Berlin

The German Embassy in Santiago de Chile, built in 1944 in the Neoclassicist style, is located in a seismographically highly active area at acute risk of earthquakes. A decision was taken as long ago as 2008 to evacuate the building on safety grounds. A wise move, as a serious earthquake in 2010 caused heavy damage to a large number of buildings in the city, which has a population of six million. During a one-year renovation project in 2014/2015 a general renovation and earth proofing process was carried out on the building and its façade, which are protected as an ensemble by a preservation order. (cf. Yearbook Building and Planning 2015/16 by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning).

The climate in Santiago de Chile is comparable to the Mediterranean area and is generally dry, although subject to abrupt changes of temperature. High temperatures prevail in the summer months, while winters can be cool. A main aspect of consideration during the renovation, alongside earthquake proofing, was bringing about a sustainable improvement to the energy balance. The planners hoped to achieve this primarily by installing new wooden windows with low UW values.

The window construction firm commissioned for the job LIP GmbH chose insulated glazing units from the manufacturer Nowak Glas with Thermix warm / cold edges and muntin bars. By utilizing the cooler temperatures at night in combination with sun protection by means of traditional shutters, this allowed the designers to completely eliminate the need for mechanical air conditioning of the building.

In September 2015, just under two weeks after the handover date, an earthquake reaching 8.2 on the scale put the building to a practical test, which it survived safely and without damage.

Additional references

21.06.2017, Ensinger Quality Has a New Profile

New Quality Manager for Ensinger building products insulbar and Thermix: Stefan Rank

Stefan Rank has been leading quality management for Thermix spacers and for insulbar insulating profiles at Ensinger in Cham since December 2016. He replaces Christof Gundermann who is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

His area of responsibility is extremely varied, incorporating quality assurance, measurement technology and analytics. It is precisely this versatility that the 33 year old loves about his role: "The tasks in quality management tasks are very diverse and I’m involved throughout the value creation chain. Furthermore, the area constantly poses new challenges," says the capable manager from Cham. "I’m very ambitious and want to take quality management in our insulbar and Thermix building products to a new level, and develop them further accordingly."

His primary objective is to provide appropriate structures within the departments to ensure that the interfaces between the individual areas offer optimum performance. Here, focus is placed on ensuring product quality, complaints and risk management, as well as process management. A relationship with customers, colleagues and suppliers that is always appreciative and respectful is essential for Stefan – especially in the event of any disagreements. It’s not a matter of finding a culprit, but of improving the process in the long term.

The trained specialist in the field of electrical engineering and technical management expert can draw from an impressive wealth of experience: his professional career is lined with in-service training and further education. Moreover, whilst working for his previous employer of over ten years, he passed through all classic quality departments in various sectors such as automotive, medicine and railway technology. Stefan can therefore apply his knowledge of methods and tools to guarantee the quality of our processes and products in the future.

The newlywed enjoys spending his free time with his wife and friends at rock concerts and barbecues or playing sport. Although he likes to try out new sports, football is and remains this devoted FC Bayern Munich fan’s greatest passion.

10.05.2017, News from the Warm Edge Task Force

The data sheets with representative Psi values for windows and façades that are issued by the Federal Flat Glass Association (BF) are well-known far beyond Germany’s borders. They are popular because they provide a simplified means of proving the Uw-value of windows.

A new project from the BF Warm Edge* task force should now strengthen confidence in these data sheets and their acceptance even further.

The authoritative Psi values of the BF data sheets are calculated in accordance with ift guidelines WA-08 and WA-22. These calculations are based on what is called the equivalent thermal conduction capacity λeq,2B that is determined metrologically in accordance with ift guideline WA-17. This value plays an especially important role. When using the 2-box model for calculating Psi values, the equivalent thermal conduction capacity together with the height of the spacer (height of box 2) defines the respective spacer.

The members of the task force have now voluntarily committed themselves to having the information regarding thermal conduction capacity verified independently by ift Rosenheim every two years. This should ensure that any deviations from the original measurements are detected, or that the stated values are still correct even after several years. The costs for verifying the thermal conduction capacity will be covered by the manufacturers themselves. With the start of the first re-measurements in 2018, in future the BF data sheets will be valid for a period of two years.

* The 'Warm Edge' task force is a subcommittee of the technical committee for the Federal Flat Glass Association (BF). The task force is made up of members and supporting members of the BF. The task force is supported scientifically by Prof. Dr. Franz Feldmeier of the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, and Dipl.-Phys. Norbert Sack from the ift Rosenheim [Rosenheim Window Institute].

Thermix data sheets

27.04.2017, Ryerson University Trapping Light

Award-winning crystal: the Student Learning Centre with its striking, especially energy-efficient façade.
Lots of light: the angular printed insulated glass creates varying qualities of light inside the building

Canadian insulating glass manufacturer Prelco created an unusual façade for the Student Learning Centre at Ryerson University. The striking, award-winning building skin, which creates varying qualities of light in the building’s interior, consists of angular printed insulating glass units. Thermix provided the warm edge seals in the edge bond.

Efficiently Illuminating

"The range of temperatures in Toronto is wide and extremely changeable," explains Sylvain Maillet, Marketing Manager at Prelco. "To minimize cooling and heating requirements, we recommended triple-glazed insulating glass elements with Low E coating, warm edge spacers and argon filling. This meant that the glazed portion of the building could be increased from 40 to 60%." With a UW of just 0.96 W/m2K and additional daylight reducing the need for lighting, the façade guarantees high levels of energy efficiency. The Student Learning Centre, which also won the Façade Innovation Award, was recently awarded an LEED gold rating.

For the curtain façade, Prelco printed and assembled 3,000 high-performance insulating glass units up to 1471 x 2487 mm in size. "In conjunction with high-performance glass and inert gas filling, warm edge spacers instead of standard aluminium spacers enable improvements in the window’s U value of around 10 to 20 percent," confirms Mike Gainey, Thermix Product Manager in North America.

Thermix: Standard Reference in Tenders

Prelco has been working together with Ensinger for over ten years and has included warm edge spacers – renamed as "R-Max" – in its architecture glass package. This is currently the preferred spacer on the market for high-performance glazing, and is a standard reference in public tenders in Canada.

Go to the detailed project report

Additional references

25.11.2016, Thermix inside: The warm edge for Canada

Thermix inside: University Hospital Research Centre, Montréal, Canada

Prelco Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of glass products with a wide range of articles in the commercial glass, industry and transport sectors. In Prelco's insulating glass it is Thermix spacers that provide the warm edge. A few years ago now the company, which is headquartered in Montreal, decided to refine its products across the board in the form of an improved spacer. Thanks to its impressive performance values, a decision was made in favour of Thermix. Since then, under the brand R-MaxTM, it is an integral part of Prelco insulating glass units and consequently in the relevant information pack for architects. This makes the R-MaxTM, aka the Thermix spacer, the preferred Warm Edge spacer on the Canadian market today. Some impressive references provide proof of the cooperation between Ensinger and Prelco, which is greatly valued by both parties.

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