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Saving energy is child's play with the warm edge solution Thermix®

All the advantages of Thermix®

at a glance

1. Improving energy efficiency

Insulation is important for sustainable energy saving,  thermal image photography clearly indicates where energy is lost

Improved thermal insulation of windows reduces energy consumption and helps save heating costs.

While the average Uw value of windows between 1978 and 1995 was still around 2.7 W/(m²K), this value has improved on average to between 0.8 and 1.1 W/(m²K)* since the advent of thermal insulating triple glazing back in 2005.

Through the use of Thermix® instead of aluminium spacers, the Uw value of these windows generally improves by 0.1 to 0.2 W/(m²K), i.e. by around 10 to 20 %. Especially in the context of these enormous improvements in the field of window frames and glazing, Thermix® warm edge spacers make a particularly significant contribution to today’s state-of-the-art windows, as the “Thermix edge bond” exerts a major impact on the Uw value. Premium quality in the thermal insulation of windows is consequently a decisive success factor for the achievement of enhanced energy efficiency

*Source: VFF/BF Mehr Energie sparen mit neuen Fenstern - March 2014

2. Superlative quality

Innovative plastic solutions with thermal insulation properties you can count on: Thermix® spacer are made of high-performance plastic with an integrated metallic diffusion barrier made of top-quality stainless steel. Thermix® muntin bars are made of glass fibre-reinforced plastics. The materials used are UV-resistant, fogging resistant and extremely stable. All Thermix® products are tested in accordance with the applicable insulating glass standard EN 1279 parts 2, 3 and 6 and are designed to offer maximum quality in thermal insulation.

3. Outstanding economy

Thermix® spacer are cost-effective from so many points of view. Insulating glass manufacturers benefit from good bendability and stability. Because frames can be quickly bent into position and are highly form stable, they permit simple, efficient and extremely economical further processing. The window insulation through Thermix® also makes a major contribution towards conserving heat and saving primary energy. For precise figures, go to the Thermix® heating cost calculator. Premium quality windows also add significant value to your property, making the warm edge Thermix® a financially sound investment.

4. More comfort in the home

The excellent insulating properties of Thermix® warme edge spacers are achieved by ensuring substantially higher temperatures at the glass edge. Because Thermix® minimizes the thermal bridge effect and provides thermal separation in the window's edge bond. This ensures less heat loss at the glass edge on the room side, which significantly reduces the danger of condensation, minimising the formation of mould with all its inherent health risks. The glass has what is referred to as a “warm edge”.
Higher temperatures at the glass edge also reduce cold air radiation near the window and so help achieve a pleasant and healthy room atmosphere - meaning greater comfort in the home.

5. Active environmental protection

Energy saving with excellent thermal values: Thermix® spacer help reduce the need for heating and cooling. Because the low thermal conductivity of the product and hence good insulating effect, or thermal insulation reduces energy consumption thanks to less loss of heat or cold, making a major contribution towards reduced carbon emissions. The long service life of the warm edge spacers also helps to conserve the environment.

6. Greater design scope

Our warm edge spacers are available in an extensive range of widths and colours: Thermix® spacer and Thermix® muntin bars are available in 6 colours and a wide selection of dimensions. A suitable design can therefore be individually determined, so that the insulated windows are not only impressive thanks to their quality but are also attractive to look at. Our range is completed by an ideally coordinated selection of original Thermix® accessories.

7. Simpler processing

Thermix® spacer are suitable for all most commonly used insulating glasses. The good form stability of the profiles helps simplify handling and fully automated processing of frames in production. That helps boost productivity and economy. In addition, with our Thermix® muntin bar system we also provide complete solutions for every window format.

Ensinger GmbH

Ensinger GmbH

Mooswiesen 13
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